Roadtrip to Queensland – Day 15

Carnarvon Gorge

We had saved the Boolimba Bluff walk until the last day as we felt we would be well conditioned to walking by this point and it was suggested you make a very early start to see the sun shine its early rays on the rock face on the opposite side of the gorge. I’m not a morning person so a compromise was reached and soon after a 7am breakfast we were in the car, on a very cold morning, and heading out to the carpark at the Visitor Centre by 7:40. Gathering our daypacks and heading off, we pass a friendly local.

After crossing the creek about 7:50

we made our way along the main Carnarvon Gorge trail.

By ten past eight we had reached the turnoff to the right to start the walk up to Boolimba Bluff.

Boolimba Bluff

The first section is somewhat up and down but doable for most people.

After twenty minutes we reached this sign.

Just ten metres ahead was a short uphill stair climb

followed by a steel ladder.

The walk was now between two sections of rocky outcrops.

Steps were well formed but we were steadily climbing.

Occasionally a seat could be found but we chose to keep going.

Another ladder helped us up a steep climb.

We were pleased to see some wattle in bloom

as well as this Hardenbergia.

As the track flattened out we enjoyed the sun.

Soon we came to this sign indicating we had come about three quarters of the way.

Ten minutes further on we came to this warning sign.

Now we could finally see the opposite side of the main gorge.

Ahead we saw this lookout point so Karen walked around to it and I took her photo.

I made my way around to the lookout point. The views were wonderful.

From there the trail continued along the bluff further so we made our way along it and at the end of the trail came to another viewpoint.

The sign here was very detailed and gave us an excellent description of what we were looking out at.

I was really pleased I had brought my telephoto lens with me as it allowed me to take a series of close up panorama shots of the mountain ranges in the distance.

Back at the first lookout I took a few more shots with the zoom lens.

Now it was time to make our way back. We soon covered the flat section. The steep steps leading down provided a challenge for the old knees and hips. We could be thankful that at least we weren’t puffing.

As we came to the first ladder we saw this sign telling us to descend backwards.

Good advice.

The path descended quickly, sometimes over rocks

and sometimes down steps.

Not sure how this tree had maintained its grip on the earth.

This rock formation caught our eye. On the way up we had obviously been looking down!

This fern had a good grip on the boulder.

As we continued down we only passed a few pairs of hikers making their way up.

About twenty minutes into our downward journey we arrived back at that first steel ladder.

From there we enjoyed the undulating nature of the rest of the track

and could appreciate the landscape

and the flora we passed.

Arriving back at the caravan late morning we relaxed, feeling really good about our morning’s walk.

On reflection it was probably the best walk we did in Carnarvon Gorge National Park. As they say the view was well worth the effort.

Distance walked = 11.3kms

6 thoughts on “Roadtrip to Queensland – Day 15

    1. Thanks for your feedback Brendan. Yes, the style and difficulty level is similar to the Pinnacle walk but you are much closer to the view just on the other side of the gorge at the first viewpoint. The view is similarly more distant at the second viewpoint at Boolimba Bluff. Cheers


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