Roadtrip to Queensland – Day 14

Carnarvon Gorge

Mickey Creek

Following on from a really sound sleep and a late breakfast we made the short drive back towards the entry to Carnarvon Gorge National Park, this time stopping at the carpark for the much shorter walk along Mickey Creek followed by another diversion up Warrumbah Creek Gorge. There were only a couple of other cars in this small carpark. Grabbing our daypacks we made our way past the sign

and off along the main track. Many young seedlings from the parent eucalypts above could be seen growing along the path edge.

After about five minutes palm trees could be seen in the upper storey too

whilst along the ground were smaller plants and grasses.

Uprooted trees in the creek indicated that heavy flooding can occur here, but we suspected this occurred more in the stormy summer months.

After a while we crossed over the creek.

Here the trail began to ascend.

To the side of the path we spotted these unusual fungi.

At the intersection with the track to Warrumbah Creek Gorge we opted to continue along Mickey Creek.

Above us was the now familiar wall of sandstone rock.

Not much water in the creek here as we crossed it again.

Within five minutes we came to this sign. The ranger had told us about these signs. You could continue making your way, it’s just that it wouldn’t be on a maintained track.

Needless to say we were curious to continue. After a few minutes we crossed back over the creek but it wasn’t long before we had to cross back.

Now we made our way along the left bank.

More creek crossings followed.

Up ahead this tree with its massive root system exposed caught my attention.

Karen made her way, rock scrambling, along the creek as it came to a bend but soon returned so we began our return trip.

It’s interesting to notice things you missed going in the opposite direction. For example this interesting rock formation.

Again we made numerous creek crossings to find our way back.

After a while we were back on the formed track.

On reaching the intersection we made our way down on the trail to Warrumbah Creek Gorge

and across the water.

Warrumbah Creek Gorge

This time we came to the end of the formed track within minutes.

Karen was soon looking for a way over the rocks in front of us.

This rock platform made it easier to cross the creek here without having to clamber along the dry creek bed.

Ten minutes after starting out on this track we came to the actual Warrumbah Gorge.

We started on ground level but soon found ourselves up on a rock ledge which we followed for a bit.

However we soon had to climb down to continue.

More water appeared in the creek so we climbed back onto the rock ledge.

But it soon narrowed out and even with a walking pole it was becoming difficult to continue unless we made the decision to take off our boots and walk along the creek.

Given it had been below zero that morning we figured our feet weren’t going to respond well to being in the creek so made the decision to turn back.

We enjoyed the rock scrambling as we returned.

In no time at all though we were back on the main trail.

On returning to the car we drove back to the caravan for lunch and an afternoon rest before cooking up a chicken curry in the camp kitchen.

Distance walked = 6.4kms

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