Roadtrip to Queensland – Day 15 (continued)

So what do you do after a long morning walk up a steep track followed by a rest and lunch? You take another walk of course. On one side of the caravan park was a small stream and a path along the bank. Every evening of our stay we had been down to the stream to push our luck in seeing a platypus. We’d spotted one every night except one but thought it was worth a look during the afternoon. It was a peaceful walk but no luck.

When we reached the park entry sign we headed back into the park.

Passing our caravan we made our way to a path that goes up to another lookout point.

As we made our way up we spotted some bushes with cute little native flowers in bloom.

This one was a bit harder to get it in focus but was a stunning colour.

We also found some attractive native grasses.

Part way up, the path became steeper so it was fortunate there were steps to help.

As we reached the top of the path our climb was rewarded with a wonderful view across the gorge.

The path continued along a ridge and we were able to take in the view better.

Here’s a shot taken with my zoom lens.

Turning around we could see another rocky ridge behind us.

On closer inspection, using my zoom lens, we noticed caravans parked on the ridge. Clearly this was the other caravan park in the area.

Making our way back down to the caravan we relaxed outside the caravan with a nice afternoon tea, well satisfied with all our walks at Carnarvon Gorge.

If my recent posts have inspired you here’s a map of the national park trails to help visualise where we walked and for planning purposes.

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