Charters Towers – Day 2

The next morning we drove back into town, parked and walked up to the nearby Tourist Information Centre, which was housed in a small building next to a grand old bank.

Things to do In Charters Towers

A very helpful lady soon had us looking at a variety of options of how to spend the next couple of days. Her first suggestion was to wander a couple of buildings along and head into the CWA Sunday market. So that’s what we did. Karen went in first while I waited outside with Mel. This didn’t mean I was missing out altogether as I could hear music being played from inside. When Karen came out I went in and had a look around. The music was very entertaining and was being played by a large ukelele band.

From there we walked back to our car passing this detailed mural as we went.

Towers Hill Lookout

It was only a short drive out to Towers Hill. At the lookout there were a number of information boards detailing the history of the area, especially it’s gold mining history. We had views in all directions. If you needed advice as to the best view there was even a frame to use.So that’s just what I did, taking a photo of Karen and Mel. Later on I discovered we had been photo bombed by a bird!Given it was a clear day I even took one with my telephoto lens.On our way back to the car we saw a sign pointing to a trail so we headed off for a walk with Mel. We did note the sign warning that snakes had been sighted in the area. After a while we came to this stack of old mining chimney ruins.From there the path seemed to be descending quite a bit so we decided to save some energy and returned to the car.
On our drive back to the caravan park for lunch we passed this well preserved old building, now a restaurant.

Centenary Park

Later in the afternoon we drove partway back into town to Centenary Park to take Mel for another walk. It was well shaded, which was good as it was quite a hot day.In one corner of the park we came upon a small collection of statues dedicated to the gold mining days of the late 1800s.After a quick visit to the supermarket we drove back to the caravan park for a barbecue dinner, ideal for a warm night. Next time we head back into Charters Towers and do a heritage walk around all the fabulous old buildings.

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