Charters Towers – Day 1

The rest of our drive to Charters Towers was pretty smooth driving and finding our caravan park, Big 4 Aussie Outback Oasis Caravan Park, on the edge of town was equally easy. We were soon set up and eating lunch next to our caravan. Lunch finished, we took a bit of a rest.

However after a while the pool beckoned as the temperature was now in the low 30s. To our dismay, we discovered our bag with all our swimming gear and beach towels was not in its usual place in the caravan cupboard. Sadly this meant it was back home in Dromana! Well, we had intended doing a trip into town anyway so off we went in search of some new bathers. A quick stroll up the main shopping strip revealed a very large sports store. As we had our pup, Mel with us we could only go in one at a time to look for a new pair of bathers. I went in first and a very helpful sales assistant soon had three possible choices for me to try on. Having made a decision I swapped places with Karen and the same lady soon had Karen suited out too. Karen did a bit of supermarket shopping too whilst I sat around outside with Mel. By the time we arrived back at the caravan park it was late in the afternoon and a band was playing. A fair few were sitting around listening and having a drink. As dusk came we took our camp chairs down and joined them.

Earlier in the day we had taken up the offer to order Friday night pizza, made on-site, as the band plays. After a while our pizzas arrived and we enjoyed eating while the band played. Had a bit of a chat with some others near us who also had their dog with them. When the band finished we headed off to our caravan for a quiet night.

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