Hughenden to Charters Towers

Our next planned destination was Charters Towers about 250 kms east. Not long after we left Hughenden showgrounds we came to a railway level crossing and found ourselves, along with a steadily increasing queue of others, waiting for a very long cargo train to cross through.

Once we were on the move again the traffic spaced out as we made our way east. We passed through a couple of small towns, Prairie and Torrens Creek before coming to a roadside stop, after about an hour and a half, on the edge of White Mountains National Park. It was a good time to swap drivers, have a drink and look closely at some spectacular wildflowers which took our attention. This Acacia was in total bloom.Really liked these two Grevilleas, which I hope I have correctly identified.

Grevillea pteridifolia
Grevillea decora

I haven’t been able to identify this one though. Not sure what this one is but the fruits are like mini apples. After a short wander we sat and had our drink and something to eat. Just as we were about to resume our journey to the east a huge quadruple length road-train pulled up. We were pleased it was going the opposite way as it would have been difficult to overtake whilst towing a caravan.Next up I’ll be posting about Charters Towers but we have put Hughenden, Porcupine Gorge and White Mountains National Park on our list of places to return to another trip.

2 thoughts on “Hughenden to Charters Towers

  1. We also like to wander around when we do a “pit stop” next to road – you do find the most interesting plants and flowers, just like you did here! But my problem is, I can’t identify them so easily like you do!


  2. Thanks for your comment. It’s fun checking out things when we stop at roadside parking bays. We have a lot of Australian native plant reference books plus using Google for local plants can help too. Cheers, Mark


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