Queensland Roadtrip – Day 57

Bowen to Clairview

Much as we had again enjoyed our time in Bowen it was time to head south. Rain was forecast for not only Bowen but also much of the part of Queensland we would be driving through. Anyway, off we drove after packing up and hooking up the caravan. Intermittent rain fell and pretty quickly we came to out first section of roadworks. It seems like the Bruce Highway is always being upgraded or repaired.

Lots of activity on the sugar cane farms was evident.

After about 45 minutes we came to the turn off for the Whitsunday Islands but as we have been to quite a number of them previously we kept heading south.

The rain kept coming and going.

In Sarina we stopped for one of their famous pies and I bought a lamington, as it was National Lamington Day. For those who don’t know, a lamington is a dessert consisting of a buttery, flavourful sponge cake that is covered with chocolate sauce and coconut. What I didn’t know was I had been snapped after having just inspected it!

Anyway, after eating lunch we continued driving south.

Finally we came to the turnoff to the little hamlet of Clairview. We had booked at the BarraCrab Caravan park. Here’s the colourful entry.

Once we had set up the caravan we took a short walk along the beach.

As you can see it was quite stony, not as sandy as most Aussie beaches.

For fun Mel and I sat on one of their beach chairs but didn’t stay there long as the wood was quite damp from all the rain that day.

Back in the caravan we cooked dinner. For dessert I finally ate the lamington I had purchased earlier in the day. Absolutely delicious.

Sadly for Mel, no matter how appealingly she sat looking at me she didn’t receive any as dogs can’t eat chocolate. Just as well we had some dried chicken neck pieces to give her.

Distance travelled – 320 kms

2 thoughts on “Queensland Roadtrip – Day 57

    1. Yes, lamingtons are delicious. I normally wouldn’t eat a cream filled one. My favourite is a vanilla slice and I also like an apple cake – in Australia it’s a round pastry filled with apple. Cheers, Mark


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