Queensland Roadtrip – Days 50 -56

Townesville to Bowen

The drive down to Bowen didn’t take long. A lot of the countryside was sugar cane country.

Between Ayr and Home Hill we crossed the Burdekin River.

In Home Hill we stopped for a break. Here’s a piece of creative street art we saw.

Wangaratta at the Beach Caravan Park, Bowen

By lunchtime we had arrived at our home for the next week, Wangaratta at the Beach Caravan Park and were soon setting up in a dog friendly area of the park. It was a lovely day so we ate lunch outside and read for a while. Late in the afternoon we headed over to Queens Beach for a dog walk. At one end dogs can be off leash. The tide was out so Mel enjoyed a good run around.

The next day was a shopping and maintenance day. First up we did some washing. Next we headed down to Jochheims Bakery, not to buy one of their famous pies but just some bread and cakes. Next I popped in and had a quick haircut. After that we headed to the carwash. That was a new experience for Mel. Not so sure she liked the water and brushes whirring around the Hilux. From there we headed to Woolworths to do some grocery shopping. Back at the caravan we ate lunch before driving out towards Horseshoe Bay. It’s one of our favourite places in Bowen, although dogs aren’t permitted on the beach you can take the walk up to the lookout over the little bay. We parked a bit before the main carpark at Grays Bay and walked along the path.

Once at Horseshoe Bay we took the up and down path to the lookout.

Horseshoe Bay Lookout Walk, Bowen

This is where we were heading.

This is Mel being carried part of the way when she stopped and refused to walk at one point!

Now, once up at the lookout the views were good but a bit blurry in the distance because,

as you can see in this selfie, it was blowin’ in Bowen. Just as well I’d had that haircut!

Mel was happier going back down than she had been on the way up.

Here’s the lookout view another day when it wasn’t blowing and much clearer.

Bowen Market

The following day was Sunday so after breakfast we drove down to the market.

We managed to buy some fresh veggies and of course let Mel say hello to some of the other dogs there with their owners.

It was a bit windy still but quite good weather so we drove up to Flagstaff Hill so we could enjoy the vista over the town and towards the Whitsunday Islands. Much clearer views than previously from Horseshoe Bay Lookout.

Flagstaff Hill Lookout, Bowen

As we left we turned towards Kings Beach

Kings Beach, Bowen

so Mel could have a walk and a run along the beach.

It had been a busy morning so we ended up having a late lunch and sat down for a restful afternoon of reading at the caravan park. Late in the afternoon we managed a quick walk along Queens Beach just on sunset before enjoying a barbecue dinner.

Bowen Golf Course

The following morning was a lovely sunny day so I decided to head next door to the golf course for a quick nine holes of golf. Bowen golf course can be challenging when the wind is up but this was perfect conditions and I enjoyed playing a quick round. The course was in good condition as you can see from this snap.

Later in the week I played again on the Friday afternoon which is Veterans Day. The three guys I went around with were all locals and very friendly. It’s a pity none of us had a round that would win anything but it was a fun afternoon.

Mullers Lagoon Park, Bowen

Variety is the spice of life so we are always on the lookout for somewhere different to walk, especially if it’s dog friendly. Mullers Lagoon Park is right opposite the Centre Point Plaza where Woolworths is located so when we go shopping we take a walk there. It’s quite a walk around the whole lagoon but worth it if you have the time.

Part way around the lagoon are two aboriginal totems of a serpent and two brolgas.

There were lots of water birds on the island in the middle of the lagoon but we were more pleased to see lorikeets up close in the trees. Here’s a snap of one.

I also like to take photos of the native Australian flowers.

Bowen Street Art Trail

Another walk worth doing is the Street Art Trail in Bowen. Here’s a few shots showing the variety of the trail. The first two are on the massive water tank high up on a hill.

Downtown there are quite a few murals depicting the history of Bowen.

These two are of more peaceful times than the previous one.

This one is down at the marina. I love the way the textured wall adds to the feeling of being out at sea.

There are also a number of transport themed murals. This steam train caught my eye.

Queens Beach, Bowen

Staying within a hundred metres of the beach was a real bonus. Every day we took Mel for a walk once or twice at Queens Beach which had a leash free section at the far end and you can take dogs on leash elsewhere. The views to the south east along the beach were great.

Usually we met someone with their dog and the dogs would have a good run around before resting on the sand while we owners would have a chat.

On our last afternoon we tried taking a selfie but in the end another walker took a nice photo for us.

Eating out in Bowen

Whilst caravanning with a dog we don’t tend to eat out much but when the weather is nice and warm we do take the chance to head out for dinner. This trip we ate at the nearby Queens Beach Hotel one night. The outdoor area is well set up. There’s even dog water bowls. Ordering was easy using our mobile phone and a QR code on the table. Meals came out quickly and were a good size. We also had a nice chat with some other dog owners eating there.

Another night we ate in downtown Bowen at the Original North Australian Hotel. Here we sat outside also, as you can see. There was a bit of a queue to put in our orders. Whilst waiting I had a chat with the guy behind me. Turned out he was from New Zealand so later on after they had eaten he and his wife came out and had a chat and a drink with us.

Bowen Catalina Display

Down at the beach near the Information Centre on Thomas Street is a display honouring the Catalina Flying Boats which were important planes for Australia during WW II. It was interesting to spend some time there looking at the display and the information. My Dad worked on Catalinas during the latter part of the war but at Lake Macquarie in NSW not in Bowen.

The Big Mango

Just near the Catalina Display was one of the two Information Centres in Bowen. We found the volunteer staff here to be very friendly but also helpful. They have a big mango just near their centre.

However the official ‘Big Mango’ is at the Information Centre back out on the Bruce Highway. We passed it on our way as we began the next stage of our journey south.

More about that next post.

7 thoughts on “Queensland Roadtrip – Days 50 -56

  1. The view from Horseshoe Bay Lookout looks almost like our views of the lagoon at Langebaan where our sea house is – it’s actually quite strange to think it’s all the way back in Australia! Looks like you had a great few days in Bowen (despite the wind at the start). Love the street art.


    1. Thanks for your comment. There are a few ‘Horseshoe’ Bays in Australia so I’m not surprised to hear of one in South Africa.
      It’s a shame Bowen is so far from where we live on the Mornington Peninsula as I really enjoy staying there. As for the street art, I’ve posted a lot of it on Instagram previously. Perhaps I’ll write a separate post about it sometime. Cheers, Mark


    1. Appreciate your comment, Suzanne. We love this area during the winter. I couldn’t handle the humidity in the summer though. Much prefer staying at home on the Mornington Peninsula during spring, summer and autumn. Now the pandemic is under control you should Australia back on the list. Cheers, Mark


    1. Thanks for your comment Hannah. Yes, we really enjoyed being back on the road. Australia is such a big country so caravanning is a good way for us to get around. Keep reading as I will be featuring some other ‘big’ things as we head south.
      Cheers, Mark


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