Queensland Roadtrip – Day 38

Tyto Wetlands

The next day we headed into town to the Tyto Wetlands which the bad weather and good company the previous day had put on the back-burners of our plans. After parking at the carpark at the Tourist Information Centre we checked out the map of the wetlands first.

So off we went. It didn’t take long to see some little crimson finches.

Next up was a willy wagtail perched on a post

followed by a tentative grey kangaroo.

It wasn’t all fauna either as I spotted this lovely bottlebrush flower.

By this time we were discovering what it didn’t tell you on the the information board and that was to watch out for mozzies! Karen is like a magnet to mozzies and this was no different to our usual meetings with mozzies so back to the car we went to put on some Bushman’s repellent. This time we headed off in a different direction around a small pond. I liked this reflection photo.

Clearly the bird either couldn’t read or was happy to take their chances at flying away from any crocodile in the area. We, on the other hand became much more alert to our surroundings.

On the nearby lawn a couple of other birds were taking a stroll.

The water in the pond was very still so it provided another opportunity to take a nice reflection of the trees on the opposite side.

The path lead to a raised walk. As we walked we came upon this spectacular Golden Penda (Xanthostemon chrysanthus). As you can see we weren’t the only ones who thought it was worth a closer inspection.

After a bit the walk began to descend. This enabled us to spot these cute Kreffts Short-Necked Turtles.

At the end of the raised path we turned right to check out this piece of sugar cane processing machinery on display.

Nearby was this beautiful ceramic and glass mosaic, Wonders of the Wetlands, created by local artist Kate Carr.

The path led us past another small lake which provided me with the chance to take some more photos of the reflection.

Just as we were finishing our walk it began to spit rain so we made our way back to the car.

Our next destination, Rollingstone, wasn’t very far to the south. It was forecast to be wet there but not as wet as further north. So Ingham would end up being our most northerly stop on this trip. More about Rollingstone next up.

5 thoughts on “Queensland Roadtrip – Day 38

  1. Beautiful refuge. Your Willy Wagtail must be similar to our Black Phoebe, with the black cape and the frequent tail dips. Launches out over roads and water to snatch insects out of the air. The snowy or cattle egret looked familiar too. Good pics.


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