Queensland Roadtrip – Days 39 – 41

Ingham to Rollingstone

The drive down to Rollingstone from Ingham wasn’t very far so we ate a leisurely breakfast before packing up and heading off down the Bruce Highway.

Of course there were the now familiar stops for roadworks but we were quickly checking in and setting up at Rollingstone before lunch and the ever present showers of rain.

As it turned out showers persisted for most of the afternoon. Here’s our view from our absolute beach frontage site looking out to sea.

Late in the day we managed to do a quick look around at the camp kitchen, pool and other facilities. Much as we had a lovely ocean view, the sites around the small lakes did look very peaceful.

Awaking to the sound of rain on the caravan roof the next morning didn’t bode well and that was how it was. We spent the whole day tucked up in the caravan reading and eating.

Rollingstone Beach

Morning came again but this time we didn’t hear the sound of rain on the caravan roof. So even though it was still cloudy off we went for a walk along the beach.

Mel was pleased to be be out and about again and enjoyed a good run around.

In amongst the more common shells we found some coral.

The nearby Rollingstone Creek was certainly flowing well after all the rain.

Further over in the distance we could see a building which must have a great view we thought.

After a while we came to a point we couldn’t continue due to the creek so we turned back towards the caravan park.

Out on the horizon it was looking gloomy again so we headed back inside the caravan. Yes, it did rain again.

Balgal Beach

After so much rain in the previous five days we were certainly feeling locked down so on the spur of the moment decided we would take a drive to nearby Balgal Beach and buy fish and chips for lunch as the rain eased off. The drive down there saw us right in the middle of pineapple farms.

As we drove through the quiet streets of Balgal Beach we had a surprise. There on the lawn of one of the houses was a kangaroo with a reasonably large joey.

On arriving at Fisherman’s Landing fish and chips

we realised what the building with the great view we had seen earlier was – it was the fish and chip cafe. Here’s the view from the outside eating area – quite rustic, you’d say.

I went in and placed a take away order. Every table was taken which was one reason we couldn’t eat in, the other reason was that even in the outdoor section dogs weren’t permitted. So we ate our delicious fish and chips in the car as once again it drizzled rain.

As we were finishing lunch the rain eased off so we decided to take a quick look around Balgal Beach. There were a couple of barbecue shelters, some free camping spots and a small beach. Someone had even constructed a small shelter on the beach. Perhaps it gave shade shelter on a sunny day but we thought you’d get soaked if you sheltered there whilst it was raining.

Along the path a number of information boards told the history of the area. During WW II it had been a coastal surveillance defence position.

As we drove back to the caravan park low lying clouds could be seen

and it wasn’t long before rain began again. Just as well we each had a full stomach and a good book to read!

However within an hour the rain stopped again.

Paluma Range National Park – Crystal Creek

Cloudy weather persisted but at least it wasn’t raining so we headed off to Paluma Range National Park which was a short thirty minute drive inland. Our aim was to take a look at Crystal Creek Falls. Along the way we passed the Frosty Mango, a cafe and ice creamery. More about that next post.

The drive into the national park was quite steep and windy

with lots of hairpin bends.

Arriving at the carpark we discussed who would look first, the reason being dogs aren’t permitted in national parks. Mel was in the car but would have to stay there. In the end I headed off first. The path was downhill from the carpark. After about a hundred metres I came to some steps which I followed. They brought me to this spot.

Making my way down to the creek I could now see upstream to the cascades

so I made my way under the bridge a bit for a closer look.

Backtracking a bit to the steps and continuing down

I came to another offshoot of the main path that led to the creek.

At the water’s edge I had a nice shot.

Looking downstream this was the view.

I was clearly the only person here and the surrounding forest was just beautiful. Just the sound of water – so peaceful.

Time was moving on so I made my way back up the steps and onto the bridge for one last photo

before walking back uphill and swapping over with Karen on dog sitting duties. After relating where I had been and what could be seen, Karen set off for her own exploration while Mel and I sat in the car. When Karen returned we set off back down the windy road towards Rollingstone. We did make one more quick stop at the aptly named Noah’s Ark Creek. This rock certainly looked like the front end of an ark as the trickle of water passed by.

This time Karen was driving so I was able to appreciate the beautiful forest terrain we were driving through.

Back at the caravan park the sun finally peaked through the clouds

just in time for beer o’clock. Cheers to sunnier weather on the way!

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