Queensland Roadtrip – Days 32-33

Kinka Beach to Sarina

With just over 330 kms to travel we set off reasonably early from Kinka Beach. Coming back out onto the Bruce Highway just north of Rockhampton we made our way through the countryside

passing a series of small towns dotted along the map, Yaamba, Canoona and Kunwarara before reaching Marlborough about 11:00.

After swapping over drivers we continued north. It’s safer to be a slower vehicle when towing so a number of vehicles overtook us.

This stretch of road is quite long, with few towns and not particularly interesting so it has a bad record for car accidents so there are quite a few signs along the way to keep travellers alert.

Cattle farming was evident as we drove along.

After about another hour we came to this sign. We were still quite a distance from our destination.

The scenery became a bit hillier.

Another sign came up. We were pleased not to be travelling with small children.

Soon after we came to the inevitable roadworks obliging us to wait.

At least we could see some work happening.

We were soon moving again. Of course there was another sign to keep us alert and amused.

At least there were a couple of sugar cane farming towns to pass through, Camilla (where we swapped over driver again and stretched our legs) and Koumala.

Closer and closer to Sarina we drove. Some more hills gave variety to the terrain.


Finally we arrived into Sarina about 2:00 and followed the SatNav instructions to the Tropicana Tourist Park. Upon checking in the manager showed us 3 possible sites. This is the one we eventually chose and set up on.

Given it was still quite early we elected to take a walk back into the town and orientate to where the shops and cafes were. The local sugar refinery was easy to spot with steam billowing from it’s tall chimney.

On our return we met a few chickens roaming freely about the caravan park. This one was interested in the camera. (Sorry, it’s not well focused.)

Mel was interested in all of them!

Sarina Tourist Information and Sugar Shed

The next morning we started at the Tourist Information Centre. Sadly we couldn’t visit their main attraction, the Sugar Shed because dogs aren’t permitted and we didn’t have a dogsitter. There was a small ‘Discover Sarina’ sculpture nearby

and also a small, disused one teacher school classroom from Mt Pelion (about 85 kms north) had been transported to the precinct as a museum.

As for what to do with a dog, go to Sarina Beach was the answer. So off we drove the ten minute drive.

Sarina Beach

The drive out to Sarina Beach saw us pass quite a few canefields but we were soon there and parked. The tide was well out so there was plenty of room to take Mel for a walk and let her have a run.

Back at the car we drove to the other side of the town but found at the beach near the boat ramp dogs weren’t allowed.

Next we drove to a lookout point. We could see quite a few large cargo ships at the Hay Point jetty and coal terminal in the distance.

Nearer in we had a lovely beach view.

Sarina Pie Shop

We arrived back in Sarina for a late lunch. The queue outside the pie shop was a good indicator that the pies here were good and I wasn’t disappointed with the steak and kidney pie I bought. Just opposite the pie shop some murals could be seen. These were just a few of the murals we had spotted around Sarina. Check out my next post for more about them.

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