Roadtrip to Queensland – Days 27-31

Tannum Sands to Kinka Beach

Time to head north. Much as we had really enjoyed our time in Tannum Sands we were hoping to find warmer temperatures so off we headed. Firstly over the bridge

and out onto the Bruce Highway. Off we drove. As we crossed the Calliope River we noticed the water level here was down.

This section of the highway was quite well kept so we made good time, although we were slower towing our caravan and lots of trucks and other vehicles passed us.

By 11:20 we were passing the Rockhampton Tourist Information Centre which lies right on the Tropic of Capricorn.

Just on noon we reached Kinka Beach, our destination.

Capricorn Coast Accommodation

The Capricorn Coast stretches from Yeppoon in the north to Emu Beach in the south and there is a wide range of accommodation available from resorts to hotels to apartments and of course caravan/tourist parks. In the past we have stayed in Mulambin Beach but this time we had decided to stay at …..

Island View Caravan Park, Kinka Beach

We have stayed there many years ago in a cabin with our four sons. Last year we stopped there on our way south but it rained for two days solid so it wasn’t much fun. This time the forecast was for sunny days. We were soon set up and had lunch.

Kinka Beach

Later in the afternoon we headed across the road and made our way onto Kinka Beach. When the tide is out it is a very wide beach.

It also provides an excellent view out to Great Keppel Island.

Late in the afternoon and early in the morning lots of other travellers and locals take their dogs for a walk along this beach and Mel enjoys a good run around without being on a lead, although we do keep her on the lead until we are on the beach as the road can be quite busy.

Mel also likes to investigate the many holes made by the small crabs. I found it intriguing to see the myriad of little balls of sand they leave.

The next day we drove up to Yeppoon and visited the Tourist Information Centre to ask about dog friendly activities and cafes. At the back of the Tourist Information Centre we noticed a lovely sea life mural.

Along the coast there were a number of other beaches we walked along – Mulambin Beach, Kemp Beach and Lammermoor Beach being our other favourites. One morning we took it in turns to walk Mel along Kemp Beach

whilst the other one of us did a couple of short walks in the nearby Capricorn Coast National Park at Rosslyn Head. (No dogs allowed in National Parks, of course.)

Pebble Beach walk

The first walk was quite short, up a hill

and down to Pebble Beach.

It was a cute little beach to explore but not great for sun baking or lying on a beach towel to read.

Fan Rock Lookout

The second walk was actually two walks in one. Being a lookout walk there were the inevitable steps and steep sections.

Fan Rock itself is hard to describe and this photo doesn’t make it easy to gain a sense of the size of the rock formation. The second photo is the information signboard.

The view to the ocean and surrounding islands from here was wonderful.

Rosslyn Bay Lookout

Coming back to the main trail one takes a right turn and continues uphill.

Had to duck to make my way under this overhanging branch.

Along the way the path brought me to a point looking back down over Pebble Beach again.

At the far end of the trail you can look over the Roslyn Bay marina area

and also back out to the sea. There were lots of spikes from native Xanthorroeas sticking up.

As I made my way back down I also had a great view to Kemp Beach below me. However I couldn’t see Karen and Mel.

Further down I heard a rustling sound. My first thought was I hope it wasn’t a snake but after standing still for a minute the movement resumed and there in the bushes was a brush turkey scurrying away from me.

If you are in this area I can definitely recommend these two walks. The previous time we had visited this area we also did the Bluff Point Scenic walk up to the top which has great views. It is possible to see sea turtles below but we didn’t. About a half hour’s drive north of Yeppoon is Byfield State Forest and Byfield National Park which make a good destination for a picnic and some short bushwalks.

Emu Park Golf

Given the good run of sunny days one morning I left Karen to take Mel for a beach walk and I drove down to Emu Park and around to the golf course. Last year heavy rain had made walking or golf impossible so I was looking forward to having a hit. When I arrived I was able to start straight away so off I went. The first hole is downhill and I quickly made my way down. At the end of the hole I caught up with another lone golfer. After exchanging greetings I joined him. His name was easy to remember, the same as one of my brothers, Ross. He was a local and a member at the course. This worked out well for me as I was the beneficiary of local knowledge as we played our way around the course. Apart from being quite hilly you can see it is well treed and the holes are well maintained.

This next photo shows you the 17th hole. You begin from right up high on one of the hills and hit down and around to the green on the left – a challenging par 5.

As we played we chatted quite a bit. It was interesting to learn he was a musician and passionate about saxophones. When I was younger I played saxophone too. Our game finished I returned to the caravan for lunch with Karen and a bit of a rest. Those hills can wear you out!

Kinka Kippa

At the start of our time we had asked about dog friendly cafes and were pleased to find out one was within walking distance of the caravan park. Having made use of the barbecue facilities at the caravan park the first four nights we walked down to Kinka Kippa on our last night. We had tried their hot chocolate and delicious slices a few times but now was the time to take in a feed of fish, chips and salad. Kinka Kippa is a cafe cum restaurant serving coffees and cakes during the day and take away and sit down meals at lunch and dinner time. They have seating both inside and outside. The outside seating allowed us to take Mel with us. On the way down we were treated to yet another fabulous twilight sky.

After ordering we sat at one of the outdoor tables. Here’s part of the sea themed mural on their front wall.

Our fish and chip meals were delicious, the fish perfectly cooked. The missing bottom edge on my fish was enjoyed by you know who sitting at our feet!

Next time we make our way further north to the sugar cane town of Sarina.

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