Roadtrip To Queensland – Days 22- 26

Tannum Sands

Much as we enjoyed our time in sunny Hervey Bay we were keen to travel further north, hoping to see an increase in the temperature. So off we went. Soon we came to the roundabout that connected us back onto the Bruce Highway. Pretty soon we were passing through the historic town of Childers.

Not long after we came to our first roadworks delay for the day.

At least we could see something happening.

After moving on again we soon crossed over the Burnett River.

We stopped in Miriam Vale for lunch from their bakery. Delicious. The road ahead was fairly quiet, not much traffic so we made good time.

By 14:30 we came to the turnoff back towards the coast and our destination, Tannum Sands.

Tannum Sands Caravan Park

On arrival at Discovery Parks – Tannum Sands we checked in and were soon parked and set up in a very spacious site.

We took a quick walk with Mel around the caravan park before coming back for a barbecue dinner. Given it was Mel’s birthday we fed her something special and I helped celebrate with this event appropriate Black Dog Brewery beer.

Karen and I ate the blueberry cake too.

Sorry Mel, but you had gone to sleep!

Things to do in Tannum Sands

What to do in Tannum Sands? Obviously Tannum Sands is an ideal location to just relax but as you know our little dog, Mel, travels with us when we go caravanning so we are always on the lookout for a good walk. There were a couple of places we found that we would recommend.

Wild Cattle Creek

This trail goes right past the Tannum Sands caravan park where we were staying.

Just along the trail the creek flows into the sea.

As there are turtles in this area we kept Mel on a lead.

It was also a great spot to take sunrise snaps.

However Karen did notice that on early morning and late afternoon walks the midges started to bite so some repellent or long pants/jeans are recommended. We also noticed a continual line of large cargo ships off the coast. Nearby Gladstone is a coal mining port.

This is one of a number of beautiful wooden sculptures that can be found along the trail and the continuation of the trail which becomes….

Millenium Esplanade

This is another part of the same foreshore trail but at one point dogs aren’t permitted. The only problem is that on our first walk here we didn’t see the sign until we had done an up and back walk along this section of the path. Fortunately we weren’t spotted by any council rangers. Most impressed by the barbecue/picnic shelters.

We also noticed the quirky speed bumps in this area, shaped like turtles. Very cute!

Canoe Point Beach

Now this is our favourite beach for a dog walk.

You meet lots of other dogs and their owners, especially at weekends.

Coming from the carpark it is a good walk

and eventually you come to where the Boyne River flows into the sea.

One day, when the tide was out I noticed this tree. It’s amazing how nature can survive against the elements such as wind and salt water.

Golf at Boyne Island Tannum Sands Golf Club

This is an unusual golf course as I discovered one sunny morning. It only has 13 holes! However the ground staff have managed to incorporate 18 tees so you can either play nine or eighteen holes.

Day Trip from Tannum Sands to Gladstone

From Tannum Sands it’s an easy 30 minute drive up to nearby Gladstone. First up we crossed over the river

then made our way along to highway 58 which took us all the way to Gladstone. Initially we drove to the Tourist Information Centre which is right on the marina.

After collecting a map we took a walk with Mel around the marina and back to the car. From there we drove around to Spinnaker Park, which is a dog friendly walking area. As we walked around the northern side of the trail we could see a large cargo ship being loaded with coal.

On the southern side of the trail we could see back across to the marina.

After returning to the car we drove around past the Tourist Centre and over the bridge to the mainland

and around to the carpark at the East Shores Park. We walked across the park towards the path that leads up to William Golding Memorial Lookout.

Sadly at the bottom of the steps there was striped tape across the path and a sign saying the trail was closed for repairs. So back we walked through the East Shores Park, passing the water fountains.

Too bad it wasn’t a hot day because it would be good to walk through the fountains to cool down.

It was a peaceful place to sit and eat a late lunch of the sandwiches we had prepared back at the caravan. Lunch finished we walked along the river bank back to our car. We did a quick bit of shopping before driving back to Tannum Sands.

Next post we head further north to the Capricorn Coast.

4 thoughts on “Roadtrip To Queensland – Days 22- 26

  1. Happy birthday Mel 🐶 … and you had the perfect beer to celebrate with her 😉. Great walking trails (and yes, love the speed bumps). It’s nice travelling with you guys and to see places I would otherwise never see myself!


    1. Thanks for your comment. COVID has made us a bit overseas travel shy but at the same time given us the chance to head to some amazing places in Australia that we haven’t been to before and it’s fun to show other blog readers as we go. It’s well worth putting Oz on your list.
      We are just starting to plan a return to Europe next year to do a trip we had booked back in 2020.
      Apart from Egypt we haven’t travelled in Africa but intend to do so sometime in the future. In the meantime like you it’s great to be an armchair traveller.
      Cheers, Mark

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Suzanne and.

    Lovely places to visit and relax. What a pity Mel decided to take a snooze and miss out on her treats!, 😉 see you both tonight.
    Suzanne 😘


    1. Thanks for commenting. Enjoyed travelling through new parts of Queensland that we haven’t been to before.
      Yes, looking forward to catching up for dinner tonight and planning a new adventure.
      Cheers, Mark


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