Roadtrip to Queensland – Day 16

Carnarvon Gorge – Miles

In the hope of one last chance to see the elusive platypus based in the creek at the caravan park we rose before 7:00 and headed down to the creek. Standing very still we waited. Nothing. After about ten minutes a guy came along slowly and quietly told us he’d seen the platypus further along so off we crept. Sure enough our effort was rewarded. Along it swam and then disappeared into the reeds. I managed a short video which can be seen on my Instagram feed (@born_to_travel55). Here’s a very poor quality snap. My excuse is bad light and quick swimming!

We waited a while but the platypus didn’t reappear so we headed back to the caravan for breakfast. Sadly it was time to pack up as our time here was finished. By 9:00 we were on the road out. Once again we came upon a small herd of cows grazing along the roadside so we slowed down as they made their way off the road.

From time to time we came to signs like this (or a Flood Zone sign) so we slowed down just in case. There’s no point driving through floodwater and becoming stuck.

As it turned out the journey back to the main road went without incident and we enjoyed the scenery as we went.

Back at the intersection to the main highway we turned south and made our way back towards Injune. It was impressive at times to see where the road had been cut into the rocky terrain.

On arriving in Injune we checked our fuel gauge and decided we could continue back to Roma without refuelling. Fuel wasn’t cheap in Injune. On arriving in Roma we headed to the cheapest fuel, according to our FuelMap App and filled up. Next we drove around to the dogsitter’s house to pick up Mel. As you can see she was pleased to see Karen again.

After chatting with the dogsitter we hopped back in the Hilux and headed east on the Warrego Highway. Things went smoothly for about an hour but we came upon the inevitable roadworks and waited until we had a green light.

Off we went, steadily making our way east.

Time was getting on and as there weren’t many towns along the way we pulled up at a roadside stop and had lunch in the caravan. Stomachs replenished we headed off with a change of driver. Here’s the pink pub in the small town of Dulacca, which was the next town we came to.

Just after 3pm we came to the outskirts of the next town, Miles.

Crossing over the Dogwood Creek we arrived in town.

Soon after we checked into the Crossroads Caravan Park, securing a drive through site. A short afternoon walk, down the main street of Miles, with Mel stretched all our legs after a long day’s driving. Even though a campfire had been lit for sundowner drinks we took advantage of the well equipped ensuite style shower facilities. Dinner was followed by a quick read and a good sleep.

Distance travelled – 388 kms

2 thoughts on “Roadtrip to Queensland – Day 16

  1. Your marathon road trip continues. Those platypus really are elusive. And also poisonous? Thanks for the map! You’re approaching the one part of Oz I saw on my 1971 R&R from the army in Vietnam, a ‘Commer’ bus tour of the coast from Sydney. No surfing through, I forgot your seasons were reversed from the US, cool and drizzly.


  2. Thanks for your comment. Yes it is a rare event to spot a platypus in the wild so very excited. From April to October it is technically dry season in northern Australia but this year we have experienced quite a few wet days as we travelled through northern Queensland. Fortunately none whilst at Carnarvon Gorge. Cheers


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