Roadtrip to Queensland – Day 10


Our next stopping point was Roma which was about 270 kms to the east. It took us about three and a half hours driving. It’s the main route towards Brisbane. So as well as passing through some nice little towns such as Morven, Mitchell (on the Maranoa River),

Amby and Muckadilla we saw an increased number of road trains.

The terrain was quite flat

and the large silos at Mt Abundance indicated it was a good grain farming area.

We reached the outskirts of Roma about 12:30.

Our next destination in a couple of days time was Carnarvon Gorge so we were pleased to see the road to Injune was open.

We made our way to the Big Rig Tourist Park, checked in, set up and ate lunch. As the afternoon wore on we decided to take Mel for a walk in the parkland opposite. After walking along a trail on one side of a creek for a while we came to a bridge and crossed.

Roma’s Largest Bottle Tree

Nearby was a bottle tree. Now we had seen lots of boab trees a few years ago when in Western Australia but this was a bit different.

A bit further on there was a sign pointing to Roma’s Largest Bottle Tree. Their scientific name is Brachychiton rupestris we found out.

After looking at several signboards detailing information about bottle trees we took a couple of photos of ourselves with this enormous example.

Back at the caravan park we cooked up some food on their communal barbeque as the day ended with a lovely sunset sky.

Distance travelled 270 kms

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