Roadtrip to Queensland – Day 11


We had a fairly slow start the next day. Mid morning we drove down the street and bought a couple of things in their camping store, grabbed a few items in the supermarket before buying some lunch at their busy, well stocked bakery. After lunch we drove to the house of a girl who Karen had negotiated with to look after Mel for a few days while we visited Carnarvon Gorge National Park (no dogs allowed in national parks!). She was a zoology student so as well two other dogs, she had an axolotl, a bird and two pet rats. We had a good chat as Mel orientated herself to a house with multiple animals. We chatted about Mel and her routine and arranged a time the following morning to leave her.

Roma Bush Garden Trail

Nearby there was a trail around a small lake. It was a Bush Garden Trail and a number of the vegetation zones found in the Roma area were represented with tree and shrub plantings.

Dogs were allowed on leash so it was an ideal place to take another walk.

It was a very peaceful location.

As we came to each zone there was a sign with details of what could be seen.

At the wetland section we crossed a pair of small bridges.

On the other side of the lake I was able to take some reflection photos, one of my favourite type of photos.

Just as we came to the end of the walk

there was another small lake to the right. It was clearly not part of the native plant trail as there was a deciduous tree in the midst of the other trees. It did however add a bit of colour to this final reflection photo that I took.

Back at the caravan park we had another stunning sky as the sun set.

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