Roadtrip to Queensland- Day 7

Cobar to Cunnamulla

We had a reasonably long drive of 420 kms to our next destination, Cunnamulla, so once breakfast was finished we packed up and headed off north. The first town was Bourke, 159 kms away. Here is a snap of the sign as we came to Bourke shire.

However it was still quite a way to the actual town. This is what the countryside looked like.

On arriving in Bourke we refuelled. Out in the outback we make it a policy now to fill up on fuel every town we come to, after we had a problem last year on the same road. (We ran into a strong headwind and started to run out of fuel. Fortunately two guys travelling in the opposite direction gave us 20 litres at a roadside rest area so we could reach the next town. They wouldn’t take any payment either, saying they were happy to help fellow travellers.) So off we went again, crossing over the Darling River which was very full.

The next small town we arrived at was Engonnia.

That was followed by Barringun. Just at the edge of the town was a rare piece of technological history – a phone booth.

So I just had to have photo of myself there.

That wasn’t the only unusual sight to see. Makes you wonder.

This pair of buildings had obviously seen better days too.

Finally, here is the Barringun roadhouse with a colourful mural on its wall, the last petrol in NSW.

In no time at all we were crossing the border into Queensland and now we were driving along the Matilda Way.

Clearly all the recent rain had helped the grasses along the road to flourish.

When we stopped to swap over who was driving I took a closer look.

As we approached Cunnamulla we were pleased to see the road ahead was open.


After following the signs to the caravan park we were soon checked in and set up.

As we needed a couple of things for dinner we drove into town to look around. A prominent attraction is the Cunnamulla Fella statue.

At the Tourist Information Centre you even have the chance to have a bit of photo fun.

Just near the supermarket and shops there were a couple of metal kangaroo sculptures too.

Shopping and refuelling done we drove back to the caravan park and cooked dinner.
Next post we continue north to Charleville.

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