Roadtrip to Queensland – Day 6


A very cool start to the day didn’t encourage us to rush out of bed. Eventually we left our cosy bed and ate breakfast. We drove back into town and parked near the supermarkets so we could grab a few things for lunch and dinner. As we walked along the main street we noticed a photo mural wall detailing various stages in the history of Cobar. Very interesting.

As we passed the butcher shop we couldn’t help but smile at his sign. However we didn’t think it inspired one to buy their meat. We personally prefer our meat to be tender not tough!

Back at the car we drove out to the edge of the town to take a quick snap of the industrial looking Cobar town sign.

Then we headed out to the historic railway station for a quick look before driving back to the caravan park for lunch.

After lunch we drove back to near the Tourist Information Centre and parked our car near the start of a walk the helpful lady in the info centre had suggested to us as suitable for both us and our dog, Mel.

Straight away we couldn’t help but notice a large lake in a very large former mine site. The contrast between the red rock and the water was striking.

The start of the trail also had a huge strip of slag waste left over after all the years of copper mining. That wasn’t quite so attractive.

Further up we came to the back of the golf course. Given water isn’t always in plentiful supply it was interesting to see the ’green’ was actually a sand scrape so putting would be quite different. A nearby sign detailed the early origins of the course as a 4 hole course back in 1909 through to when 18 holes were finally constructed in the 1950s.

As we continued our walk we came upon a variety of native plants, some in flower. Some of them had descriptive signs too.

I particularly liked this Acacia with its pale yellow flowers.

Another sign described one of the rarer animals that can be found in this harsh environment, the Kultaar, (antechinomys laniger). Needless to say we didn’t see one as they are not only rare but nocturnal.

After a while we decided to return back the same way we had come. Fortunately we hadn’t run into any cyclists on the trail.

At the edge of the trail the sun was shining nicely on some native grasses.

I also noted a good reflection in the lake now.

This lovely Eucalyptus tree was just near where our car was parked. Just love the smooth bark.

As the sun was fading we drove back to the caravan park and prepared dinner. Next up, we head north further along the Kidman Way.

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