Charters Towers – Day 3

On our first couple of trips into town we couldn’t help but notice how many well preserved buildings there were. The previous day we had collected quite a few brochures from the Tourist Information Centre. One of them detailed a heritage trail so that’s what I am going to post about this time.

One Square Mile Trail

The central part of the town has lots of old buildings within one square mile. Most seem to be used for different purposes to their original intended purpose but it was impressive to see how well looked after they are. Just near the Tourist Information Centre is the original Stock Exchange building. The facade is quite well preserved.  It now has a multiplicity of uses – cafe, gallery, local politician’s office and even a bookshop.The view from the rear of the building enables the roof to be seen.Inside the arcade are a number of information boards detailing the history of the Stock Exchange and the preceding goldrush days of the area.Here is the former Bank of New South Wales, now Wherry House.Whilst the Post Office is still just that, with it’s grand tower.Another former bank is now a theatre.This hotel is still operating.The Arthur Titley Centre was formerly a Horticultural Hall but now is a conference and events centre.This building now operates as a take away food business.The pharmacy is on the site of another former bank.The Excelsior Library is in a building which is a reconstruction of the original Excelsior Hotel which apparently burned down in 1995.This is the local newspaper building built in 1902. The paper was first published in 1878. Sadly it ceased operation in 2020. Local news is now limited to a dedicated page on the Townsville Bulletin website.My final photo is the local Police Station. It is Karen and Mel’s last chance to photobomb this post!

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    1. Thanks for your comment. Walking around Charters Towers reminded me of the architecture of other gold rush towns/cities (Melbourne, Ballarat, Bendigo) with similarly impressive buildings built during their glory days. Cheers, Mark

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