1770/Agnes Water – Day 4

One of my preferred sporting pastimes is playing golf. We had discovered Agnes Water Golf Course had been hosting a tournament over the weekend. So the following Monday I decided to go and play nine holes. Karen was happy to go for a walk as I played. After paying my green fees and hiring a buggy to put my clubs on we set off. On the first hole I had a chance to par it but took two putts for a bogey. From there we set off towards the second. One of the locals was checking us out.

For most of the time it seemed like we had the course to ourselves. I did manage to par a couple of holes. Here’s a photo from the 7th tee. Providing you didn’t hit into the water hazard it looked pretty straight forward and so it turned out as I managed to par this one which was good.

Along the way it was nice to see not only kangaroos but birds and some nice native plant specimens, including this grass tree spike. At the end of the nine holes it would have been tempting to do another nine but we were feeling hungry so headed back to the caravan for lunch.

After a bit of a rest after lunch we drove into town to grab some things from the shops. Whilst there we did another walk along a different section of Agnes Water beach. A few keen swimmers were taking a swim but even though it was sunny we didn’t fancy that idea.

As we walked along we noticed quite a bit of driftwood lying around on the beach. Some of it looked quite artistically set up.

Back at the caravan park we were happy to see a girlfriend of Karen’s and her husband and another friend of theirs had arrived. For dinner that night we stayed at the caravan park cafe and ate their famous fish’n’chips. Really well prepared fish, lovely chips and salad, a few drinks and great conversation made for an enjoyable night. Even better was the impromptu concert on the green next to the caravan park.

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