1770/Agnes Water – Day 5

Started the day with a leisurely breakfast. Chatted with our friends and agreed to go for a coffee in 1770. Well, Karen drinks tea and I had a milkshake. Had a nice view of the inlet to the west of 1770.

Once we had finished morning tea we took a walk along the path near the Marina area.

After returning to our car we parted ways. We drove out to the car park at the end of the peninsula to do the walk to Wave Lookout again. As it was much earlier than our previous visits the light was much better to take photos without shade. As you can see the tide was out.

From the viewpoint we continued the walk to the very tip of the peninsula.

Looking out to the ocean we could really see the curvature of the horizon in the distance. (Definitely no PhotoShopping here!)

On our drive back we spotted another lovely garden with some stunning Grevillea flowers in them in 1770 township.

Back at the caravan park we prepared some sandwiches for lunch and ate outside under our awning. After a chat we decided to do the complete Red Rock walk and Karen’s friend Julie came with us. Some of these photos will look familiar to those who read my last post. Although on our previous walk we hadn’t come across any wildlife.

Of course someone has to ride the impromptu surfboard stuck on the rocks!

Here’s a shot of two old friends chatting as the left their mark on the beach.

Here’s where the walk ends.

After reading the memorial plaques on the rock wall we started our return walk retracing our steps. The tide was still out a bit so we could do some rock scrambling.

As we came over one of the points we came upon some more wallabies. Not sure who was more surprised.

By the time we walked up the sloped boardwalk light was fading so we had definitely timed things better than our previous walk there earlier in our stay. Back at the caravan park we showered and changed. About 7pm we drove down to 1770 pub and the five of us had a wonderful night eating and drinking on their balcony.

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