1770/Agnes Water – Day 3

Saturday Market day had arrived. It was sited a shortish walk from our caravan park. Lots of stalls to see – some food, some produce, some arts/crafts, some clothing and some plant stalls.

We wandered around checking out the stalls. I must admit we were mostly looking for fresh fruit and veggies. However we spotted a stall selling honey. As Karen is a bee-keeper ( and blogger – busybeekeeping.com ) we were attracted to check it out. It turned out the lady wasn’t a beekeeper but she certainly knew a lot about the honey and was happy to chat and give us tastes of all eight honeys she was selling. In the end I purchased a jar of her local eucalyptus honey. Really yummy!

We continued our stroll around the various stalls. The next one to take our interest was a woodworker. Amongst a variety of items we spotted some very attractive chopping boards. After perusing them we decided to buy one for the caravan, which we still love to use two years later. After our walk around the market we made our way back to the caravan park and prepared lunch using our new chopping board.

After lunch we drove through to the other side of Agnes Water. There were a couple of walks the lady at the Tourist Info Centre had recommended. The first was a short one, The Paperbark Forest Boardwalk.

It started in an interesting way. What do you think? I guess after heavy rains it kept walkers out of the water with these concrete stepping stones.

You can see why it is the Paperbark walk. But what else was there?

Yes, maidenhair fern, and lots of it; some climbing up the trees.

Given it was a short walk we were soon off to the next walk which wasn’t far away in the car. It was the Red Rock Walk along the beach. As time was moving on we knew we wouldn’t be able to do it all as it could take up to 4 hours return.

It started with a descent to the beach from the car park down a boardwalk.

The next section was on the sand to a point, which you can see at the left hand end of this photo.

At the point we clambered over the rocks to the next beach.

Here Karen’s ahead of me whilst I stop to take photos.

It took a while to cross this beach.

Again we had to rock scramble over the point. I really liked the waves close by as we went.

At the top of the point we could see yet another beach. As time was running out and we knew it would take us about an hour and a half to return we decided to head back. We had greatly enjoyed what we had managed but would definitely be back to do the whole walk another day.

2 thoughts on “1770/Agnes Water – Day 3

  1. Ah, I love a market … and like you, I’m always looking for fresh produce! The eucalyptus honey was a great find!
    And really liked your walks … the concrete stepping stones made an interesting bridge 😉. What a great walk along (and on the beach) – for me it’s always great to walk so close to the ocean.


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