1770/Agnes Water – Day 2

Woke to the noisy sound of birds. On closer inspection found a small flock of red tailed black cockatoos in the Eucalyptus trees above us.

After breakfast we drove into Agnes Water and visited the Tourist Information Centre to find out about walks in the area.

The first walk we decided to do was nearby. It was called the Discovery Walk. I think this was a two-fold name. Yes, it was a walk that enabled us to discover the nearby bushland and coastline but Captain James Cook had a boat named the Discovery on his exploratory trips into the Pacific.

The first part of the walk was through bushland but it didn’t take long for the path to come to cliffs overlooking a small beach.

The path soon came to a lookout balcony where we had a fantastic view of the main beach

as well as good views back to the small beach we had originally seen.

A little further along I took this shot of the view all the way to the end of the beach.

Our caravan was somewhere in the bushes way up the far end. We continued the walk until we arrived back at our car. After grabbing some food for lunch we drove back to the caravan for lunch. After lunch we drove out to 1770. Just past the caravan park in 1770 we parked at the memorial to Captain James Cook.

There was also an information board there.
After reading the information board we continued along the foreshore trail. As we went we saw a variety of water activities being engaged in.

After walking a fair way we turned back.

On our return we walked a short distance in the other direction and were pleased to see some beautiful Grevilleas.

As we still had some time we drove right out to the end of the point and took the short walk to Wave Rock again, hoping to see it in a slightly different light.

The sun was shining nicely on the rock but sadly the waves coming in were shaded. All the same it is a lovely spot. That evening we barbecued at the communal barbecue and had a good chat with a Canadian couple and their teenage kids. They were lucky enough to be travelling for six months in Australia.

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