1770/Agnes Water – arrival day

We hit the road reasonably early and headed south on the A1. This meant we bypassed Gladstone and where we had stayed at Boyne Island on the way north. At Miriam Vale we turned off and drove into Agnes Water where we stopped to grab a few supplies for lunch and dinner. Partway to the Town of 1770 (named due to Captain Cook stopping here on his voyage in the Endeavour up the east coast of Australia in 1770) the Captain Cook Holiday Village can be found. We checked in, set up the van and prepared lunch, which we ate outside in the sun. From the caravan park there is access for 4WD vehicles and walkers to a beach which is pretty much a private beach. So after lunch we put on some sunscreen and grabbed our hats and walked down the to beach. I guess it took us about half an hour to arrive at the beach.

It was just about deserted. To the south we could see houses on the hills of Agnes Water and only one man on the whole beach.

To the north not a soul could be seen.

We began to walk down towards Agnes Water but it soon became apparent it was quite a long distance so we retraced our steps and headed back to the caravan for a well earned drink. Later in the afternoon we drove up to 1770. There were even less shops and cafes here. We drove past the 1770 Camping Ground which looked pretty full and continued on out to the Headland Carpark. There were a few short walking trails here. We took the trail to the Wave Lookout.

As you can see we were on the shady side of the hill and it was quite a bit cooler so we returned to the car and drove back to the Endeavour Park.The trail was right along the seafront where some boats were moored.

By now the sun was dropping towards the horizon rapidly so I managed a couple of sunset photos.

We hadn’t been here long but we were looking forward to the next few days to further explore this lovely area.

6 thoughts on “1770/Agnes Water – arrival day

  1. Wow, what lovely views of the ocean … not even talking about the deserted beach! I had to google the town 1770 – I really didn’t know there was a town with such a name 😉.
    And your sunset photo’s are just breathtaking beautiful!


  2. Yes, 1770 confused me too so I’m glad you explained it, thought it might be reinactors doing colonial cosplay like Williamsburg in the US. Lovely deserted beach like some teevee advert for beer on the beach. Reminded of Baja Mexico, beautiful windswept beaches populated only by birds and crabs.


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