From Kimba to Clare

Today we had just under 350 kms to reach our next stopping point, Clare. As we left Kimba we passed the ‘big galah’ again.Early on in our drive we passed Iron Knobon our way to Port Augusta. From there we headed south with mountains to our left.Up until now there had been very few vehicles either going our way or the opposite but we started to see more now, as this is the main road leading down to Adelaide.About an hour south of Port Augusta we left the main road and passed through the town of Crystal Brook as we drove along highway B46. Here we were in farming country with fields of golden canola cropsand paddocks with sheep grazing in them to be seen.We stopped at the well preserved, quiet little town of  Yacka for a break. Nearly three months earlier we had passed through here on our way north at the start of our caravanning trip.

We continued on past more canola fields

before we arrived at Clare in the midst of a wine growing area. It had been a shortish day’s driving of about 350kms but we were more than happy to have a restful afternoon in our caravan before looking around the town and eating at one of the pubs that night.

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