Driving south east from Penong to Kimba

After eating breakfast and packing our caravan we started the day with a short drive through Penong township past several old buildings

and on to Ceduna. To start with we headed out to the golf course. Ceduna Gold Club hosts the final two holes of the Nullabor Links. The first hole is a par 5 named Oyster Beds after one of the successful local aquaculture industries.

The greens here weren’t green, as they are sand scrape greens. You are permitted to rake a path between your ball and the hole to putt along.The second hole is named after one of the local bays, Denial Bay. It was a par 4.You can see the path to the hole as I putted in this photo.Finally I had finished after six days. My score of 107 was apparently below the average, which the lady at the Tourist Centre, where you check in after completing the Nullabor Links, told me was 120.

Now we had to make a decision. Would we divert down to Smoky Bay and Streaky Bay on the Eyre Peninsula or just continue homeward bound. Karen was keen to continue home so we put Smoky Bay and Streaky Bay onto our list of places to come back to another time and headed off in the Hilux along route 1 across the top of the Eyre Peninsula. Many of the towns here are grain farming communities, as evidenced by all the grain silos.The fuel gauge in the Hilux began to drop so we decided to refuel at one of the small towns. The price of 143.9 cents/litre was the highest we had paid anywhere on our trip, even higher than Kings Canyon, which we thought was probably more remote.Lunch was at a roadside parking bay. We reached Kimba mid afternoon and decided to stop there, having driven nearly 400kms. It is a neat little town with several well preserved old buildings but two things stood out. The first was the very large galah.The second was the very beautiful silo art.It had actually been painted by a Melbourne artist, Cam Scale. It had taken 26 days to complete back in 2017 and 200 lites of paint was used. Here’s a detailed shot of one section.The local galahs were also enjoying roosting on another section we noted.After a quick look around the town we returned to the caravan ready to eat and relax before our next day on the road.

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