Clare to Mildura

Our drive today would take us mostly east. About halfway through the day we would cross back into our home state, Victoria, after nearly three months in SA, NT, WA and SA again. By 8:45 we were on the road having eaten breakfast and quickly packed up the ‘van. The surrounding countryside was farming land.Within half an hour we had reached the historic mining town of Burra. It is a town we will come back and stay at and explore another time.

To explain further – On my mother’s side of the family I have an historic link here. Back in 1852 John and Harriet Powell came to work in the mines here after travelling to Port Adelaide on the ‘Sea Park’ from Plymouth. They had lived and worked in Timsbury in England previously.

As we had only been driving a short time we continued our journey. Here are a couple of photos I took as we drove through the town.

It was interesting see the well preserved houses, both littleand big.As we continued east the terrain became drier and the vegetation low and sparse, similar in look to some parts of the Nullarbor, even though we were thousands of kilometres from there now.Several hours into our journey we approached an area where the road mostly followed the mighty Murray River. At one point we actually had to cross it, along with quite a few other vehicles, most of them trucks. It was our first traffic jam in months!Here’s a view of the river as we crossed it.As we came into the Riverina area we had to stop at a quarantine station. Here they check you aren’t carrying fruit into the area.On the South Australian side of the border, Renmark is the biggest town. It’s another place we intend returning to. However our destination was Mildura so on we drove. Here’s the signboard welcoming people into Victoria. We were back on home soil so to speak.After just over another hour we arrived in Mildura and made our way to the BIG4 NRMA Mildura Riverside Holiday Park where we spent a peaceful night near the river.

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