Crossing the Nullabor, Border Village to Penong

After setting off east it wasn’t too long (less than 20 kms) before we made our first sightseeing stop for the day. Bunda Cliffs carpark offers an awesome view to the east along the Great Australian Bight.I don’t feel photos do it justice. Heavy shadows make it hard to know what the best time of day would be to come here to have a clearer view.Unlike a few places we had visited in Western Australia, here there was a clear message of where one could walk and where one shouldn’t.Intriguingly we found some plants in flower, even though the terrain is windswept and salt influenced.

No close up shots of these as they were on the wrong side of the fence.Back in the car we continued our drive. After almost two hours we came to Nullarbor Roadhouse. Nowadays it’s a huge complex with accommodation, restaurant, shop and of course fuel pumps. Back in 1971, the last time I had been here as a teenager with my family, the road was unsealed and the only building was this one, which obviously still stands but isn’t used.A series of paintings on the old buildings here details the history of the roadhouse.

In bygone days the resident mechanic would have been also creative in making parts to fix broken down vehicles, given it is over 1000kms to Adelaide and 1500kms to Perth.

This sign has seen better days but it gives the right message to travellers.Whereas this one could lead you astray if you don’t read to the end of it carefully.Once we had refuelled the Hilux we parked it so I could play the next hole of the Nullabor Links. This hole was a par 5 of 538 metres and you had to walk that far and more to reach the tee to start it. It was in a field past the airstrip for the Royal Flying Doctor.

The wind made it difficult so it was a good thing the local rules allow you to tee up for every hit other than putts. Sadly I had far too many,finishing the hole with my worst score of 9! Time to move on. We did take note of one final sign before we left.We stopped just before 2:00 for a late lunch. There were a few tress and shrubs at the roadside parking area.

Lunch finished we moved on. About an hour later we came to Nundroo Roadhouse. We didn’t need fuel but the roadhouse hosted the next hole on the Nullabor Links. Again we had to walk over half a kilometre to the tee. It was named in honour of the Southern Hairy Nose wombat.The hole adjoined what appeared to be rough grazing land.We didn’t see any wombats but we did see this pair of lizards.Sections of the hole were well covered with low lying ground cover plants. Unfortunately I lost a ball in the midst of some of these so ended up with another inglorious score, this time an 8. Not sure why I’d be smiling about that.We continued on.We finally arrived in Penong, our destination for the day in the late afternoon. After checking into the caravan park I completed one more hole of golf. This hole is named after the wonderful collection of windmills that the town has preserved in a nearby park.I’m reasonably happy to report I scored a bogey 5, which considering all the trees in the middle of the fairway wasn’t a bad effort.The aforementioned windmills made a wonderful silhouette photo as the sun set that afternoon.

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