Crossing the Nullabor, Madura to Border Village

You may think after the previous few days driving only 190 kms or so wasn’t helping us cross the Nullabor very quickly but as you will read at the end of this post there was a good reason for not going so far.We hit the road just before 9:00 heading further east from Madura. Not long into our day’s drive we came upon these markings on the road. For those of you who have travelled in Australia’s outback you may think that’s a strange place to have a pedestrian crossing. However it is not what you may think. About a kilometre further along we came upon a similar but different set of markings.For those of you still puzzling what it could be I shall reveal the solution with this quick snap. Yes it’s an airstrip for the Royal Flying Doctor Service. Rather than spend money duplicating an airstrip they use the road as the airstrip in cases of emergency in this area. After just over an hour’s drive we came to Mundrabilla Roadhouse. We stopped here for the next hole on the Nullarbor Links.

It was a par 3. As you can see it was very open and I can also tell you it was quite windy. It took me two shots to make it to the fake grass green and two putts.Within another hour we were coming close to the end of our day’s drive with the caravan on the back of the Hilux. We approached the border town of Eucla with a curving ascent.The golf hole here was a bit out of the town. You hear the term ‘fake news’ a lot nowadays. Well here is a fake news story that occurred back in 1971. A story was started about a naked woman living with kangaroos in the nearby bush. The story was taken up by unsuspecting journalists from many of the Australian newspapers and even the BBC, but the ‘Nullarbor Nymph’ was a hoax. However it turned out to be great publicity for the Eucla Motel at the time. Anyhow here’s the signboard and a couple of photos of me trying my hardest to score a par but ending up with a bogey 5.

Next we stopped for a quick photo or two at the Eucla Roadhouse

and continued on the remaining ten minutes to Border Village. A similar signpost could be found here but with the addition of a giant kangaroo holding a jar of vegemite!There was a small caravan park area at the back of the roadhouse where we set up our ‘van and ate lunch. Next I played the golf hole there which not surprisingly was named ‘Border Kangaroo’ after the big kangaroo. However it wasn’t the kangaroo that made this hole a bit of a challenge. As you can see snakes could be a problem. Fortunately I completed the hole without us seeing any. It was only bad golf that saw me score a five on a longish par 3.

Golfers would think playing these unique golf holes would be a highlight but as I mentioned at the start of this post there was a reason we travelled only a short distance to here that day. At this time of the year whales migrate along the coast here in southern Australia. So off down a dirt road we droveuntil we reached the coast.Taking out our binoculars we started to scan the area.Sure enough we spotted a mother and her baby calf. Boy did we wish we had a stronger telephoto lens.They swam here for about ten minutes before moving on. We felt quite lucky to have seen them. We were also pleasantly surprised to find a number of plants in flower, even in this windblown coastal area.

Not sure what many of them were but this one was an Eremophila.This one is an Acacia.After a good look around we tried to spot if there were any more whales but without luck. The landscape was ruggedly beautiful but the cool wind eventually had us seeking cover back in the warmth of our ute.Perhaps we would see more whales as we continued our trip east the next day.

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