Wooramel Station

To this point of our journey we hadn’t stayed on a farm station in Western Australia. Not that far south from Carnarvon and just off the main road was Wooramel Station and a couple at Carnarvon had recommended it to us so off we went. Arriving late morning allowed us a good chance to pick out a good spot. We don’t have solar panels on our van or an extra battery but can do nicely with our battery powered lanterns and put the fridge on gas so it was a nice change for one night. We parked under the shade of a lovely eucalypt but not under any branches. Lots of wildflowers were growing nearby.

After lunch we decided to take a walk around the property. One of the suggested walks was up to the historical tip which we did first, followed by the walk along the riverside, technically Cream Creek.Over the years they had certainly owned a lot of vehicles which were now abandoned in neat rows.Clearly what could be used had been removed.Appliance upgrades meant old appliances were no longer needed.Anything that may be of future use had been kept.After having a good look around we followed the signs to the riverside walk. Cream Creek would certainly be impressive if it was in full flow but currently there wasn’t a drop of water to be seen.As we walked along we came to patches of wildflowers spread out over the grassand acacias in bloom.Strong winds had taken their toll even on the largest trees.It was certainly a peaceful place to walk. This solitude may have helped us to spot a beautiful mulga parrot.As we completed our circuit we came back past the thermal hot tubs which were empty so we headed back to the caravan to grab our towels and change into our bathers. Relaxing in one of the tubs was a lovely way to finish our walk. By the time dusk arrived both tubs had a good compliment of campers soaking in them. Well wrinkled, we took a shower and came back for sundown drinks around the campfire that the owners lit each night for their guests. As dark settled we headed to the barbecue area and cooked our tea before settling in for an early night in our peaceful surrounds.

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