The next day we started off with a reasonably early visit to the local farmer’s market. We purchased a few fruit and vegie items as we moved around the stalls. Amazingly we bumped into my old boss and his wife. They were also caravanning through WA but were heading north to Broome. Had a good chat before finishing our shopping. Next we went back to the caravan and and prepared some lunch as we has decided to do a quick trip back about 70kms north to Quobba to see the  blowholes. After making a picnic lunch we headed off, arriving at lunch time. However as we got out of the car we couldn’t help but notice the sound of the blowholes. Clearly, lunch would have to wait. Taking a good photo of the water spouting up was certainly a matter of luck and timing with the finger on the shutter. You could end up with a couple of little spurtsor a real explosion of water.The coastline in both directions was certainly rugged and beautiful.After watching the blowholes for a while longer hunger pangs set in so we grabbed our lunch and headed down to one of the quaint shelters on the beach.Once lunch was finished Karen put on her snorkel gear and joined a couple of other snorkelers in the lagoon. Because the tide was out Karen found it easy to see the fish and other marine life as she snorkelled around.Hundreds of birds dominated the small island opposite the beach.After Karen was changed again we began the drive back to Carnarvon. As we left the beach precinct we spotted a lighthouse in the distance which hadn’t been so noticeable on our drive in.On the drive back we agreed our little excursion had been well worth it.

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