Shark Bay World Heritage Area, Day 1 – Denham

Like many natural wonders in Western Australia one has to be prepared to leave the main highway to go into Shark Bay World Heritage Area. The good news is that it is a sealed road and anyone can go there. So it was when we arrived at the turnoff from the Carnarvon to Geraldton highway number 1.The start of the wildflower season was evident along the roadside verge.As we had been driving over an hour from Wooramel Station we were happy to stop and change drivers when we came to this beach.Even though the scrub was low lying and living in harsh rocky conditions we were impressed to see quite a few in bloom.

We were also surprised to see this small lizard. I suspect it was more surprised as it scurried off very quickly, seeking cover beneath a nearby rock.Continuing on after our break, it didn’t take much more than another half an hour to reach Denham Seaside Caravan Park at the far end of the town. We checked in and set up our caravan before taking a late lunch. After that we took a reconnaissance walk back into town. We stopped off at the Tourist Information Centre, where as usual the staff were helpful in making suggestions of things to do whilst in the area. They had some interesting sculptures out the front of the centre.Even though it was a cloudy day the beach area was still a pleasant scene.This restaurant was one of the oldest in town.On closer inspection we noted that the bricks weren’t made of clay but of shells.Karen in particular was please to see that Denham was fazing out plastic bag use and encouraging shoppers to use a Boomerang Bag, a program that was also in place back on the Mornington Peninsula where we lived.On our return to the caravan park we drove out of town a little way to the Little Lagoon.We stopped at two car parking areas and took a short walk in each. Further along we came to Australia’s most westerly golf course. Even though I had my golf clubs with me it wasn’t on our agenda to play golf here. That was probably a good thing as the course looked very sparse and the black dirt/tar greens would be quite a challenge I thought. Our focus whilst in the area was on seeing the famous dolphins at Monkey Mia the next day. More about that in my next post.

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