Broome walks and an outdoor movie

For us, staying in Broome was mostly about relaxing after being on the road for six weeks. However we decided to do a couple of walks in the mornings before it got too hot. One morning we drove down past Broome Turf Club and had a look around Gantheaume Point before driving back to do a walk around the foreshore, up to a couple of viewpoints in the sand dunes and along the nearby beach. There are a number of trails in the area. At one point the signage was a bit unclear but we think we were mostly on the Balarri Trail.We parked our car in a street in the housing estate opposite

before following the trail and up some steps

to the first viewpoint. From there we had excellent views in both directions along Cable Beach.From the lookout we descended over the sand dunes to the beach. Quite a few boats could be seen a little to the south end of the beach.By now you would be aware that we like spotting the local flora as we travel around. It’s amazing how some plants can actually grow in bare sand like this one.After strolling along the beach to the north for a while we headed back along the trail over the sand dunes and into the flatter foreshore area. Again we spotted quite a few spectacular plants in bloom.Some smaller than others.

Another morning we drove into the old part of town and parked near the famous outdoor garden picture theatre, Sun Pictures,before setting off on the jetty to jetty Walk.At various points there are information boards or you can download the App.As we went we gained quite an insight into the history of Broome.Even though the terrain was on the edge of a swampy area we managed to find one very pretty plant in bloom.Eventually we found the heat and humidity really oppressive so walked back to our car, having not quite completed the walk but knowing a lot more about Broome’s history.

Later on that evening we returned to see the Tim Winton book Breath at the Sun Pictures Theatre.The deck chairs were not the most comfortable seats. However we really enjoyed the movie once the ads were over!The old movie picture gear in the foyer was worth a look too as we made our way out.

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