Cable Beach – Sunset and Camels

Watching the sun set at Cable Beach is another Broome institution. So when in Broome …. join in. From Palm Grove Caravan Park it’s only a short walk. This was a good and bad move. Good because we didn’t have to find a carpark and bad because pedestrians have to be very careful dodging a steady procession of 4WD vehicles driving right onto the beach. Not exactly environmentally friendly we thought!Having negotiated a safe route onto the beach we were delighted with the red glow of the local ‘pindan’ rocks.As the sun was swiftly descending to the horizon, finding a good spot to see the sun set and take photos became a priority.For many visitors a highlight of coming to Broome is to ride a camel along Cable Beach at sunset. As we had ridden camels in the Rajastani desert several years ago our backsides reminded us this isn’t as glamorous as many would have you believe. So we resisted the temptation of choosing between the red, blue and orange livery of the three companies running camels rides. Instead we opted to find a safe position to photograph those riding on the camels.Each group filing past our position, one after the other.After the second group we changed positions so we could see the last group of camel riders as well as be in a good position for the spectacular Indian Ocean sunset.After the sun had gone below the horizon, to beat the encroaching darkness, we quickly started our walk back to the caravan park, dodging both 4Wd vehicles and camels alike!

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