Eighty Mile Beach

After a relaxing time in Broome we hitched up the caravan and headed south towards Port Hedland. Friends had told us that we should stop along the coast on the way there at Eighty Mile Beach. It’s a very popular spot and as a result we could only secure a non powered site over the phone. Given it was nearly 400kms it was a wise move to at least make that booking. Most of the trip was on the Great Northern Highway but the last 9kms was on dirt so we had to take it gently as our caravan isn’t designed to be off-road. Not sure whether following another ‘van was a good or bad thing but we maintained our distance until we reached reception.We arrived mid afternoon and settled in to a nice shady spot.

As we would be moving on the next day to Port Hedland, still a further 250kms we decided to take a look at the beach. Here again, like at Broome’s Cable Beach, it was a little concerning to see vehicles driving on the beach.You could certainly see a long way in both directions.We walked about half an hour to the north along the sand. There were certainly lots of shells to see.On the return walk we noticed a few more fishermen.Apart from those fishing most on the beach were now readying themselves to watch yet another beautiful Indian Ocean sunset, seagulls included!It was certainly a great spot. Next time we’ll make sure we book in advance so we can have a powered site, although our battery operated lantern held us in good stead.


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