Broome’s Staircase to the Moon

From Derby we headed off on the 220kms drive to Broome, in particular the Broome Vacation Village Caravan Park where we would spend a couple of nights. It was a pretty straightforward drive. One thing that we did find interesting was a number of single lane bridges where you have to give way to vehicles already on the bridge. This one took our eye though because some wit had changed it to a ‘fridge’. (Look carefully at the sign.)

Once settled in, we headed to the supermarket and did a bit of a stock up on food and drink. In the early evening we headed over to the Town Beach for the Staircase to the Moon market for a bit of a look. Many of the market stalls were food vans so we indulged in some delicious Indonesian cooking. We sat down to eat at one of the many conveniently located tables with another couple who amazingly were from Doncaster, a suburb of Melbourne.

As darkness fell most of the crowd moved to the shores of the beach to witness the Staircase to the Moon, a phenomenon  that occurs three nights every month. The reflection of the light from the moon on the bay gives the impression that there is a staircase leading up to the moon. As you see it is quite spectacular. You will also note that to take a really good photograph you need a really good camera and a tripod. I managed these passable results by leaning on a fence railing. If you don’t have a tripod then you will most likely end up with some weird looking, blurry, arty farty thing that looks like this.

 or this!

Anyway even if I can’t show a really good photo Karen and I enjoyed looking with all the others tourists not only one night but we went back a second time the night after.

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