Lake Argyle

Given that Lake Argyle is one of the biggest man made lakes in Australia and our route took us within 35 kms we decided to take the turnoff and check it out. The lake itself covers a surface area of about 1000 square kilometres and it can hold over 10000 gigalitres of water. Massive is a good word to describe it! We arrived quite early in the morning (due to the two hour time difference between NT and WA) at the Lake Argyle Resort and Caravan Park entry and we soon checked in and were allocated a caravan site. After setting up we did some laundry  – ideal conditions for quick drying. Lunch was next. After a quick exploratory walk of the rest of the resort we took a drive down to a small lookout point.We resumed our drive, crossing over the dam wall.This gave us a number of different viewpoints of this immense lake and the surrounding area.We continued our drive and parked so we could see the water pouring out of one of the overflow pipes.The road finished at a picnic area with views of the river.After a short walk we drove back to our caravan to plan tomorrow’s activities.

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