Victoria Highway from the Territory to WA

The next part of our journey involved quite a bit of driving as we headed from the little town of Jabiru in Kakadu National Park back through Katherine and along the Victoria Highway to Timber Creek and on to the Western Australian border before turning off the main road to head into Lake Argyle.

Apart from driving, eating, drinking and sleeping we didn’t do much. However the landscape was constantly changing and quite interesting. So it’s far better to let some photos show what I’m talking about.

We did have to stop quite often for the endless roadworks that seemed to be happening.

The next few shots were taken as we drove along.Occasionally another vehicle would come towards us.

We hadn’t allowed to time to stop but driving past Gregory National Park it did look like we should make time to come back this way in the future to explore the fantastic landscape.

Along the way we passed Victoria River roadhouse near the Gregory National Park so that could be a good base another time. This time we drove on to Timber Creek so that we had less distance to drive the next day. We checked into the camping area attached to the roadhouse. Lots of shade provided by the trees, although fruit bats up in the trees were quite noisy.

From Timber Creek we drove west again

even passing some of the amazing boab trees. (You need to ignore the dead bugs on the windscreen!)

As we crossed the border we had to stop at the quarantine station. Had to hand over a lettuce. We’d already given our honey to someone back at Timber Creek as we knew that we couldn’t cross the border with it.

Of course the other thing crossing the border involved was a two hour time zone change. This meant after passing through some more spectacular countryside

 we arrived at Lake Argyle mid morning instead of lunchtime. It was going to be a long day, but as you can read in my next post, lots to see and do.

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