Lake Argyle Lookout Walk

As it would be a fairly hot day we decided to walk early and late and have a swim during the hottest part of the day after lunch. So off we walked up to the Lake Argyle Lookout. It wasn’t a particularly long walk but the trail’s surface was uneven in spots as we climbed. Very quickly we had a view of the main branch of the lake.Soon after we saw the section of the Old River below the dam wall.The last part was quite deep and rocky underfoot. Finally we came to a small peak.From there the view was steeply down to the river.On the return journey we took a short path that diverted out towards the resort.Back on the main trail we gained an excellent view of the lookout we had driven to the day before. As you can see we were quite a bit higher on our walk and had a great view of the lake.There weren’t a lot of plants in flower but this grevillea caught our eye.Further down we could see the infinity pool at the resort in the distance.On our return to the resort we took an early lunch. It was warming up and that pool beckoned.

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