The Devil’s Marbles – Karlu Karlu

After Alice Springs our next stopping point was going to be the Devil’s Marbles (Karlu Karlu) near Wauchope. We set off after breakfast and packing up the caravan. We stopped at Aileron to see the Big Man, as well as the Big Woman and Child and some camels in a nearby paddock.

The drive continued, kilometre after kilometre with not a lot to see apart from the pretty splash of yellow from the acacias on the road edge. We ate lunch along the way at Barrow Creek in our caravan. We walked down the road and checked out the old telegraph station which is currently under repair.

Arrived just after 15:00 at the Devil’s Marbles Hotel and camping ground in Wauchope. We set up the van quickly before driving out to Devils Marbles. Two bus loads of year 9 students from a college in Darwin were wandering around too.Some well behaved, a few unruly and climbing over the sacred rocks. Interestingly they were the aboriginal kids! We walked around the main groups of marbles at the visitor information shelter

before walking out and going up to the Nyanjiki lookout for sunset. Some sections are sacred to the local indigenous people so respectfully we didn’t take photos of that area.

Chatted to a couple from Port Macquarie as the sun set.

Walked back to car and drove back to the caravan. Changed and ate dinner in the hotel bistro. Karen ate a Greek salad and I had a chicken parmigiana.

The next morning we made a leisurely start as we didn’t have far to travel. After breakfast we packed up the caravan and topped up the fuel. There were a number of old car shells parked out the front of the Devil’s Marbles Hotel so checked them out before we headed off about 10:00. Their rusty shells blended in beautifully with the iron red dust.

On the way we stopped at the Devil’s Marbles for another quick look. It’s interesting how different lighting conditions make things look as you can see.

After quite a bit more driving we spent a night at Banka Banks Station with quite a few others before we headed up to Daly Waters and its famous pub. More about that next.



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