Daly Waters

After spending a night at Banka Banka Station we ate a leisurely breakfast and packed up before heading north the short distance to Daly Waters and it’s famous outback pub.

We arrived in good time and checked into a powered site at the pub’s adjoining caravan park. After setting up the caravan we ate lunch inside. In preparation for a big night at the pub we took an afternoon nap. Late in the afternoon we went over and explored the displays at the pub – everything from business cards

to bottles and bras

to thongs (flip flops for non Australians) to baseball caps, cloth badges and name badgesto football guernseys

and foreign banknotes – fascinating. (It appears someone who visited the pub ended up legless!)Next we put in our pre-orders for dinner we stayed at the pub for happy hour. After braving the lengthy queues finally managed to get our drinks

and sat down to watch the travelling Pitt Family circus performance. It was a good mix of athleticism, juggling and humour.

Following this we enjoyed our dinner of barramundi and salads from the salad bar. Next we were entertained by a performance by a travelling country duo.

After that we chatted with a few others at our table before watching the footy on the pub TV. All in all it had been a fun time at Daly Waters.

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