Alice Springs Kangaroo Sanctuary

Our bus was a bit late arriving but we were soon on our way south to the outskirts of Alice Springs. The Sanctuary and its owner operator/kangaroo rescuer, Brolga, was made famous on the BBC documentary series, Kangaroo Dundee. Part of the documentary was screening on a TV in the bus as we drove out. On our arrival we were met by the very enthusiastic, caring and knowledgable Brolga. (Real name is Chris.)

He spoke about how rescuing and hand raising one or two orphaned kangaroos whose mothers had been roadkill had turned into a permanent gig rescuing and raising baby kangaroos. Many of them go back into the wild but a number stay at the sanctuary. They are the ones who become too familiar with human contact and would be easy game for the local aboriginals who still hunt for food. Two of his current orphans were handed around and duly cuddled during the sunset session.

He walked us around the Sanctuary so we could see how things are run and meet the current occupants. One of them was Roger. Sadly now he is an old man Kangaroo.One of his sons is head of the mob now. However at one point Roger was an impressive seven foot tall with an equally impressive muscular body and the most popular Roger in the world on social media. Over time a tennis playing Roger has worked his way up to number one again! To top things off we had a fantastic desert sunset before we were delivered back to our various accommodations in the bus. It was a memorable night and no, Karen did not manage to sneak out one of the adorable joeys we had the pleasure of cuddling a few times. Highly recommended and a wonderful way to finish our time in Alice.

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