Queensland Roadtrip – Day 48

Mt Louisa Lookout Walk

Whenever we are caravanning with our little dog Mel we are always on the lookout for dog friendly walking locations. In the Townsville area, just to the west of the main town was the Mt Louisa Lookout Walk. It was a short drive from the caravan park to the carpark near the start of the walk. It’s not a long walk but is challenging enough due to the elevation of the finish compared to the start.

At one stage there is an option to take a shorter steeper path or to stay on the main path. We chose to not take the steeper route and were soon rewarded with some nice views, although it meant our overall walk would be longer.

Karen also thought Mel was quite motivated to walk quickly as she could see another small dog up ahead of us.

Up we walked and still the views were lovely.

However Mel’s enthusiasm soon waned and for a short while Karen relented and picked up Mel as she had noticed the couple in front of us do the same with their little dog.

The number of steps increased the further we went.

It was certainly a good workout. After about 35 minutes we reached the top of the walk.

Mel was happy to meet the other little dog. His name was Zeus and his owners lived in Townsville but had originally come from Melbourne we discovered whilst chatting.

From the lookout we had wonderful views in all directions.

On our way back down we stopped a couple of times to read the information boards about Mt Louisa and the early settlers that came to this area back in the late 1860s.

We continued our descent, chatting as we walked.

Nearing the bottom Karen noticed a red object on the ground. Apparently it was a local Facebook ‘treasure’.

The idea being to show a photo of yourself in the location you found it and then to leave it somewhere else in the Townsville area.

Our descent continued

and we were back at our car after about 40 minutes from being at the lookout point. Needless to say we had a relaxing afternoon back at the caravan park. The next day we had been challenged to tackle the Castle Hill walk (climb) by our friend Dorothy. You can read about that next post.

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