Mission Beach – Kennedy Walking Track

Kennedy Walking Track

A couple of days after our hike along the Cutten Walking Track we decided to go down to Mission Beach South and walk a section of the Kennedy Walking Track which follows the coast for several kilometres.

The walk begins as a boardwalk

with views out to the nearby islands.

Like the Cutten Track, the Kennedy Track is well signposted and there are detailed information boards.

Soon we were walking in the cooler environs of the rainforest.

The trail began to climb

and descend as we went along.

After about half an hour we came to a metal ladder leading down onto a beach.

The walk continued along the beach for about twenty minutes.

Signage showed us a gap in the trees leading away from the beach.

The track lead into the rainforest again and away from the beach. About ten minutes further on the trail came to a creek with a large yellow warning sign.

That certainly had us on alert. To add to our wariness the name of the creek didn’t inspire a state of calm either. Mije seemed very similar in pronunciation to midge, one of Karen’s least liked insects!

The trail crossed the creek.

Not seeing any any crocs we continued along what was now a shady trail.

Soon the trail began to ascend.

However our sense of calm was disturbed when we heard some quick movement. There to our right was a small green snake. Fortunately it was more frightened of us and was slithering away.

After a bit more clambering up steps we finally came to a lookout where we were happy to sit and admire the 270 degree views.

Just as I was about to stand up to commence the return trip I looked down. There between my shoes was a small lizard. We were certainly in amongst nature!

Our return trip took us back down numerous steps, along the sandy trail and back over the bridge over Mije Creek.

We were still happy not to spot a crocodile in the vicinity of the creek.

Upon eventually returning to the beach we were delighted to see Mel dash into the water and run around enjoying a good cooling down. It was a rare event.

Here’s the view as we came to the end of the beach.

Up the metal ladder we climbed

and along the ups and downs of the trail. Just near the end of the boardwalk

there was a picnic area and seating in what was signposted as “Lover’s Beach.”

What a lovely beach it was and the seats were welcomed by we weary walkers.

One thought on “Mission Beach – Kennedy Walking Track

  1. Possible meeting with crocs and coming eye to eye with a snake … hmm, I would be little bit hesitant 😬. But I must admit, your views on this trail are beautiful – love the picture with Mel running in the water!


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