Mission Beach – Cutten Walking Track

Obviously walking along the expansive beach is popular and something we could do easily on our days whilst based Mission Beach Hideaway Holiday Village but there were a couple of longer walks possible. The first of these I am posting about is the Cutten Walking Track. It takes you from just near the Mission Beach Tourist Information Centre through dense tropical rainforest in a northerly way to the Perry Harvey Jetty. To avoid the heat and humidity we set off late one afternoon.

It was good to be in shade as we walked. Some of the trees were magnificent.

Along the way information boards gave us details of the flora and fauna along the track.

After a while we came to a section of the track which was partly blocked. There was a large mound of dirt and leaves part way over the track. We wondered what could have made it.

Not long after we came to another signboard which solved the mystery and revealed that it was an –

We continued walking along the track

that had become a boardwalk

that came to a gap in the rainforest allowing us to see a small beach

but we could see our destination was still a bit of a way to go. So on we went.

On reaching the pier we decided we might as well walk long it too.

Here’s the view looking back along the beach.

After we made our way back along the pier we decided to try to walk along the beach instead of the track.

Normally Mel doesn’t like the water but on this occasion she was prepared to go in a short way.

Soon we came to the end of the sand. There were quite a few rocks which we were happy to clamber over and around.

But eventually we came to a thicket of mangroves

so we made our way out to the track again for the remainder of the return hike.

Back at Mission Beach Mel was prepared to go in the water again.

Here’s the view looking out to Dunk Island to finish this post. Next up is the Kennedy track, another lovely hike we did.






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