Longreach at last

Well. We finally reached Longreach just after midday. From Dromana it had been just over 2000 kms. The reality was that I had planned this trip during January of 2020 and due to covid19 lockdowns it had taken us nearly two years to actually arrive here with our caravan. The trip north had given us a bit of an insight into what the outback of Queensland was like. However our time here was to expand our experience greatly. First up the actual tourist park was recovering from heavy rains a couple of days earlier. Check out the tyre prints of the caravan opposite us. Note the brolgas wandering along nonchalantly.

Once we had set up our caravan on site and adjusted to the fact there was no grass anywhere

we drove into town. After finding out a few things from the ever helpful Tourist Information Centre we took a walk along the main street. There were some lovely old buildings. This striking sculpture of drovers around a campfire stood out.

Back at our vehicle we headed towards the caravan park, stopping along the way at the QANTAS Founders Museum to find out about our booking. We had made a booking but not received a confirmation email but the lady at reception assured me we were on the list for two days time.

A late lunch back at the caravan followed by an orientation walk around the massive caravan park followed. Again we spotted some brolgas near a caravan. The young boy in the photo was understandably a bit cautious as they can be a bit intimidating.

Sunset at the Thompson River on the edge of town was reported to be spectacular so off we drove late afternoon. We also had heard that almost 10000 people had attended the Birdsville Big Red Bash Festival just days earlier and that most had come into outback Queensland. It was a good thing we had booked as we discovered dozens of caravans near the river in the free camping area.

This bloke was more interested in catching dinner than the approaching sunset.

We crossed over the bridge to see what was on the other side but vegetation was pretty sparse after you moved away from the river. We did spot this lovely Acacia with its balls of gold.

Back on our original side of the river we enjoyed the sunset and a chat with a few other caravanners. As well as the sunset we were also treated to some beautiful reflections.

Returning to our caravan just as the light faded we were looking forward to tomorrow as we had tickets to the Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame. More about that next post.

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