Yeppoon – Day 4

For our fourth day based in Yeppoon we decided to stay closer to ‘home’. In the morning we took a ten minute drive up to nearby Lammermoor so we could do some walking in their Native gardens. On their information board they showed seven possible walking zones on multiple trails. We parked at the Lioness Park (point B) and after crossing the Scenic Highway entered the native garden near point A on this map.

First up we followed the trail through the paperbark wetland area, continued on up to the Poplar Gum woodland area

before following another path back down to an intersection with the Lammermoor Creek trail. Here we headed towards the main road. After crossing the road we had a good view of the beach to the south.

From there we walked along the Secondary Dune trail which eventually joined onto the Beach Scrub trail.

At the end of that we ended up walking along a couple of streets until we came back to the beach. After a short walk along the beach we arrived back at our car and drove back to the caravan for a well earned drink and lunch. Given the weather we put on a load of washing and hung it out when it was finished. This still gave us time to do another walk so we drove down to Bluff Point which is an area of the Capricorn Coast National Park. Here you can do a circuit walk of just under 2.5 kms.

Having said that, it isn’t a flat circuit as you can see from the next photo.

As with many walks though, the view was worth the walk. To the north we had views of Roslyn Bay.

Out to the east we had Bluff Rock in close but the Keppel group of islands further out.

We continued the walk through grasslands.

This brought us to the south side of the circuit and now we could see back down to Mulambin Beach and where we were staying.

On the way back down we passed through an area of dry rainforest with eucalyptus and lower growing shrubs and birds nest ferns. In amongst the shrubs we heard a noise at one point so stopped and saw a brush turkey scurrying through.
Light was fading quickly as we arrived back at our car and we headed back to the caravan. The next day we planned to head into Rockhampton. Come back soon to read more about that.

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