Yeppoon – Day 1

Nothing like a sleep-in to make you realise you’re on holidays. After driving 2100kms in the previous six days it was wonderful to not have to wake up early and hit the road. So after a late breakfast and a casual read of the news online we headed off for a walk at Mulambin Beach, the nearest beach about 300m away. After walking over a low lying dune here’s the view that greeted us.

As we had come in on the north end of the beach we headed south. Pretty quickly we heard a strange noise behind us. We turned around and saw a guy sitting in a low lying buggy with a sail above him.

It was a Kite Buggy Racer (or some parts of the world would say a Land Sailor). He would sail down the beach, turn around and go the other way to complete a circuit.

We watched him for a couple of circuits before resuming our walk. I had a new Nikon camera so I was happy to change settings and start with a few portrait snaps of Karen

and some of the driftwood

before switching to a landscape mode. Here are a couple more photos I took as we made our way down the beach.

When we came to the end of the sandy stretch of beach we did a bit of rock scrambling before leaving the beach. We saw another caravan park and a small housing estate but no café. We hadn’t been sure how long the walk would be and we hadn’t carried a water bottle and hoped to buy a drink but that wasn’t possible. So we walked along a shared trail through the housing estate and eventually made it back to our caravan park having walked just over 4kms. By now it was early afternoon so after having a drink we prepared lunch and ate outside under our caravan awning. A new caravan arrived and after they had set up we had a chat with our new neighbours. They were also from Victoria and lived about 45 minutes from where we do. As the afternoon progressed we relaxed and read for a while before cooking up dinner on the communal barbecue. It had been a very enjoyable, relaxing day.

2 thoughts on “Yeppoon – Day 1

  1. Looks beautiful. On army R&R in ’71 I took a Commer (?) bus tour between Sydney, Surfer’s Paradise and…another city. Oz reminded me of a cross between the UK with the cute trains, accents (I know, not similar at all to you), and driving on the wrong side: and California, with the stunning Pacific Ocean, hard sunlight and the eucalyptus trees. Charming and disorienting. But sliced [Harvard] beets on a hamburger? Oz, where did you go wrong? Thanks for the escape. I’ll keep reading.


    1. Thanks for your comment. Hope you like some of my upcoming posts about Queensland. You could also check out my older posts about our trip to Western Australia back in 2018. As for hamburgers, we love to add beetroot, pineapple, tomato, lettuce, egg, bacon and onion but you can keep the pickles! Cheers, Mark


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