Queensland Roadtrip – Day 44

As we didn’t have far to travel we had a leisurely breakfast before packing up and checking out.

Bluewater Park Free Camp

It was only a half an hour down the road to where we planned to stop at Bluewater Park Free Camp. Townsville had been our original planned destination but we couldn’t find a vacancy at any of the caravan parks because the Supercars Championship car race was in Townsville that weekend. Anyway it gave us a chance to do some free camping and see how our caravan set up went when we didn’t have power or water to connect into. Karen had made a booking via Townsville Shire’s website. On their website she had read that Bluewater Community Centre ran a barbecue dinner night at their building on the other side of a green space near the free camp. So we thought it would be good to support them later that night. When we arrived we drove in past the coffee van, which was at the ‘Tree of Knowledge’,

and further around to where the camping area started.

Down the road we drove and at the end of it turned around in the roundabout and came back to a shady spot under a large tree.

After backing in we set up and sat under the awning for a late morning tea. After sitting and having a relaxing morning reading a book we ate lunch. As time went by more campervans and caravans arrived taking up all the free spots.

As the afternoon passed several caravan rigs came in and left once they could see there were no spaces remaining. Our neighbour on one side came back so we introduced ourselves to them and their dog. Then another neighbour returned and joined in the conversation. Late in the afternoon we walked over to the Community Centre building to see if we could find out more details about the dinner night. As we approached the building we were impressed by the colourful murals on the walls.

However we couldn’t see anyone cooking on a barbecue and the building was locked up. We even noted a hand painted sign advertising the barbecue night on the roadside but clearly it wasn’t happening. Back to the caravan we walked to let our neighbours know. At least Mel had enjoyed a good run around on the green sporting field. Just as well we had food in the fridge we could cook.

Next up we head to Townsville where we enjoy some good food, a couple of challenging walks and a visit to beautiful Magnetic Island.

2 thoughts on “Queensland Roadtrip – Day 44

  1. Spacious and green for a free site, can see why it would fill up early. I know of a few free sites in the mountains here but they are more clandestine and accidental than your campsite here. But Bar-B-Q would have been nice.

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