Next state – Queensland

Stopping in Bourke had been an interesting and enjoyable experience. Next we were headed north into Queensland. We couldn’t help but be amused by the sign as we departed from Mitchell Caravan park. No, we didn’t leave anything or anyone behind!

On the outskirts of town we passed a couple of billabongs of the mighty Darling.

We passed by the bridge we had cruised under previously and were soon out on the open road.

Just before 10:00 we crossed over the border into Queensland, or rather Outback Queensland, as the signs told us.

A further 100kms approximately we reached Cunnamulla. We looked at our fuel gauge and decided to head on as we felt we had enough diesel for the 200kms as it showed our range was just over 300kms. However about 50kms up the road we noticed the range had dropped dramatically due to the fact we were driving into a head wind. Should we turn around or keep going? We dropped our speed and kept going. There was a small town, Wyandra ahead. However we soon discovered it didn’t have a petrol station, only a pub.

What to do? In the end we decided to unhitch the caravan and just drive the Hilux up to Charleville to refuel and return to pick up the caravan.

However just as we had unhitched the ‘van another driver pulled into the roadside stop area. He and his mate were towing a camper-trailer.

I went over and asked them how far to the town to get fuel. At this one of the guys asked how badly did we need fuel. I explained that with driving into a headwind we were now very low. At that he offered us a large container holding about 10-12 litres still and said we could use that. He came over and chatted while I poured it in. I offered to pay him for the fuel but he refused saying that what comes around goes around and that I’d be in a position to help someone else another day. With that we re-hitched the caravan and drove off towards Charleville. Along the way we passed a sign that would become very familiar to us in this part of the country.

Not long after we saw evidence of a previous flood with the remains of the rail bridge alongside the road.

On our arrival in Charleville we headed to the Bailey Bar Caravan Park. Once we had settled in at the caravan park I went and re-fuelled ready for the next day. Certainly didn’t want a shortage of fuel again! That night we relaxed to the sound of rain on the caravan roof as we enjoyed watching our football team, the Melbourne Demons, win yet another game.

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